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Barnsley FC Supporters Trust is a member of the Supporters Direct Movemement.


Supporters Direct (SD) is a mutual, owned by its members, and funded in England by the Football Stadia Improvement Fund – the partner organisation of the Football Foundation, in Scotland by the Scottish Government, and in Rugby League by the RFL and the Co-operative Group.

SD have assisted in setting up over 150 supporters' trusts in England and Scotland.

Trusts have a combined membership of over 120,000 people

Trusts have now put over £25 million into football, have 15 clubs in ownership or control

There are over 45 directors representing trusts on the boards of clubs, with over 50% elected by the membership; over 110 have shares in their clubs.

For further information, please contact: Kevin Rye, Communications, Supporters Direct: 020 7273 1595/07852 998542 or email: [email protected]

About Barnsley FC Supporters Trust





Barnsley FC Supporters Trust was formed from the merger of the Barnsley FC Supporters Society and the Official Barnsley FC Supporters Club during 2005. The Supporters Trust is the largest Supporter's organisation which supports Barnsley FC. We hold regular meetings with Barnsley FC to raise issues that affect all Barnsley Supporters. We are also members of the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct.

To go with the re-branding of the Supporters Trust, we also produced a new logo, which can be seen below.

The Supporters Trust is run by a board of 12 members, all elected by the members. A board member usually serves 2 years before retiring. Elections are held every 12 months at the AGM, where currently 50% of the board stand down. All members of the board work voluntarily and receive no income for all the work they conduct on behalf of the Trust






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