Trust Board

The Supporters Trust is run by the Trust Board. The Trust Board is elected by the membership of the Supporters Trust. Membership of the Board is usually for a 24 month period. 

To contact a specific person below, please use the contact form

Board Members:
Joan Dawson
Paul Gallagher
Ray Brammer
Eric Bray
Stephen Croft
Owen Scrimshaw
Laurie Handley
Adrian Willis
Andrew Webb
Paul Hicks

Specific areas of responsibility.
Adrian Willis

Chris Hunton

Membership Enquiries:                      
Owen Scrimshaw   

Trust Communications (Website, Social Media, Newsletters, Email, Press):
Owen Scrimshaw, Paul Gallagher, Paul Hicks  

Junior Tykes:                  
Stephen Croft, Laurie Handleyr 

Fans Forum;                       
Ray Brammer

Disabled Supporters;             
Joan Dawson, Andrew Webb

National Liasion (FSF, Supporters Direct):
Alan Bloore, Paul Gallagher 

Barnsley FC Historian:                        
David Wood