BARNSLEY Football Club is committed to providing excellent customer service and this Charter sets out the Club's policies.


1.1 The Club encourages customer feedback, comment, views or complaints about the Club, its staff or activities. All such correspondence should, in the first instance, be directed to the General Manager who will respond himself or arrange for an appropriate departmental head to respond on behalf of the Club.

1.2 Any contact from a customer, whether it be by letter, facsimile or e-mail will receive a response within seven working days. Should it not be possible to provide a full response within that time an acknowledgement will be sent and a comprehensive reply will follow at the first possible opportunity. Contact can be made as follows:

By Post:
Letters should be addressed to 'Customer Service Department', Barnsley Football Club, Oakwell Stadium, Grove Street, Barnsley, S71 1ET

By Facsimile:
A facsimile should be forwarded to (01226) 211302

By E-Mail: [email protected]


2.1 The Club expects the highest possible standards of conduct from members of staff whilst on club premises or when representing the Club away from Oakwell.

2.2 The Club is aware of its responsibility to the community and staff are also aware of their own roles within it.

2.3 The Club has adopted an anti-discrimination policy, a copy of which is available for inspection at the club during office hours.


3.1 The Club consults with its supporters on an on-going basis through a variety of formats. These include one to one contact, regular meetings with representatives of the Supporters Trust, regular attendance of Club personnel at Supporters Trust meetings, participation in League surveys and supporters on line questionnaire through the Football League.

3.1.1 The Club publicises its position on major policy issues in the Club programme, on the Official Website via media releases both local and national.

3.2 The Club continues to develop ways to consult with its customers, Sponsors, the Local Authority and other interested parties. 


4.1 The Club continues to strive for a wider access to matches by offering a range of ticket prices.

4.2 At least 5 per cent of tickets for each match will be made available to non season ticket holders.

4.3 Concessions are available to junior supporters (17 years and under) and senior citizens (60 years and over) in certain sections of the stadium. However, the Directors reserve the right to amend these age limits.

4.4 One section of the stadium is available for the exclusive use of family groups and is situated on the Upper Tier of the East Stand.

4.5 The Club encourages the attendance of disabled supporters and their carers. The Club disabled policy is as detailed in Appendix 1 of the Customer Charter, copies of which can be obtained either through the Club Official Website or at the General Office. The Box Office Staffare available on 0871 22 66 777 for information.

4.6 The Club does not operate a loyalty or membership scheme, however discussions are held between the Club and the Supporters Trust on a match by match basis where tickets are in short supply. Details of this scheme can be found on the Clubs Website prior to the commencement of the Season .The system referred to applies to both home and away games and takes into account both season tickets holders and non season ticket holders. Supporters are advised to retain their ticket stubs from both home and away games.

4.7 Tickets for cup competitions are usually priced in agreement with the opposing Club, but are usually no higher than for League matches.

4.8 A refund is given on pre- purchased match tickets returned to the Box Office up to the advertised time of kick - off, providing the ticket holder is considered to have a genuine reason for returning the ticket(s). No refunds are given after this time.

4.9 If a match is postponed prior to the turnstiles being opened for a particular match,

Supporters in possession of pre-purchased match tickets will be able to use them when attending the re-arranged match.

4.10 If a match is postponed after supporters have been admitted to the stadium, but before kick-off, ticket holders will be offered free admission to the re-arranged match. If a match is abandoned after kick-off and before the half time interval ticket holders will be offered half - price admission to the re-arranged match. A valid ticket from the postponed or abandoned match must be produced as directed by the Club to activate the free or reduced price admission.

4.11 The Club gives the earliest possible notice of any changes to its ticketing policy and the reasons for the changes via the Club programme, official website, and/or via the local media.


5.1 The Club abides by Football League and Football Association Regulations governing the allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.

5.2 The Club does not charge matchday admission prices to supporters of a visiting club which are higher than those charged to our own supporters for comparable accommodation. In particular, concessionary rates offered to senior citizens (60 and over) and junior supporters (17 years and under) also apply to supporters of a visiting club or any amendments made from time to time as stipulated in item 4.4.


6.1 Replica strips are changed on a seasonal basis.

6.2 Details of the next intended change of kit is available from the Retail Manager who is based at the Reds Superstore at Oakwell.

6.3 The Club carries out its obligations under Football League Regulations to prevent price fixing in relation to the sale of Replica Strip.

6.4 The Club offers refunds and exchanges on merchandise in accordance with its legal obligations.


7.1 The Club is proud to play a strong role in the community.

7.2 The Club operates a Community Department which undertakes a wide variety of activities in the community and in particular it works closely with local schools and young people of school age.

7.3 Through the Club's Study Support Centre, a wide range of school children from across the borough are given the opportunity of attending 'learning through football' courses.

7.4 The Club actively helps to promote and publicise local charitable causes, community events and other good causes by arranging for players to attend public events (subject to availability).

 7.5 The Club supports the fund raising efforts of local charitable causes.

7.6 The Club supports all Equality and Diversity and this is relayed through messages in the Club programme, on the official website, stadium PA system, media releases and in conjunction with the Barnsley Multi Agency Panel. It is further committed to taking a strong position towards the use of racist language, chanting or behaviour at its stadium.

Barnsley Football Club
First issued: November 2000
Last updated: June 2009- in conjunction with representatives of the Supporters Trust Board.