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Barnsley FC Supporters Trust is one of the best supported Trusts in the UK. A strong Trust is good for the Football Club, good for the Community and good for the Supporters of Barnsley FC.

Barnsley FC Supporters Trust was formed from the merger of the Barnsley FC Supporters Society and the Official Barnsley FC Supporters Club during 2005. The Supporters Trust is the largest Supporter's organisation which supports Barnsley FC. We hold regular meetings with Barnsley FC to raise issues that affect all Barnsley Supporters. We are also members of the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct.

Membership of the Supporters Trust runs for a calendar year and prices have been delibrately been kept low to encourage all supporters to join the Trust Benefits of membership include:

Representation: Barnsley Supporters Trust is a democratically accountable, community-minded non-profit making supporters’ organisation dedicated to representing the views of Barnsley fans to the Football Club, football governing bodies authorities, the media and the local community. The more members we have, the louder our collective voice is!

Monthly Members Draw:

Fans’ Forums: Free entry to our monthly Fans Forum Meetings for all members. These meetings are usually held on the first Tuesday of the month and involve Question and Answer sessions with key Barnsley FC people – players, management and Barnsley legends. Fans’ Forums are held once a month.

Mascot Opportunities: Our Junior Members can apply to be mascots at Barnsley home and away games (subject to availability)

Newsletters: The free quarterly members’ newsletter, is sent to all Supporters Trust members four times a year, as well as regular, optional e-mail updates and weekly emailed newsletters with the latest news from the Trust.

Social Events: History evenings, quizzes and race nights


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