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02 Apr 2021 10:39:09 am
Replies from RMT RE Tube Strike
In relation to Alan's Bloore's communication with the RMT (see for more).

Hi Alan,

Thank you for your letter of support for the industrial action due to begin at 1830 hours on Sunday. This has been forwarded to the General Secretary, Bob Crow, for his attention. Although the industrial action begins at 1830 hours, this means that members due to start work on or after that time will not be coming in. Members already at work will work until the end of their shift. So someone who booked on at 1400 hour, for instance, will continue to work until their shift ends. This means that the action builds up slowly and there will be very little disruption in the first few hours. The main impact will come on Monday morning. Therefore the Barnsley and Cardiff fans should not experience too many problems getting back to the mainline stations.

Come on Barnsley!

Best wishes
Arthur Richardson
Industrial Relations Officer

Hi again Alan,

I've just had a message from Bob Crow who asked me to pass on his best wishes for Sunday and to say that we are doing everything we can to resolve the dispute before then. But as I said below, there will be very little disruption on Sunday evening even if the strike goes ahead.

Best wishes
Arthur Richardson
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