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26 Feb 2021   06:36:42 pm
Programme notes for QPR
The next meeting of the Supporters Trust has been scheduled for the 5th March at the Oakwell Executive Facilities at Barnsley. The meeting will start at 7.00pm. Our April meeting, scheduled for the 1st April will be the AGM of the Supporters Trust. Again this meeting will be held at the executive facilities at Oakwell.

At our last meeting, Barnsley FC general manager, Don Rowing and Marketing manager Rachel Hearne attended our meeting to take a question and answer session with the Trust members present. We would like to thank both Don and Rachel for joining us at the meeting.

Following on from the meeting, the Supporters Trust has been canvassing supporters views on what they consider to be a fair and equitable method for ticket allocations for big games. So far we have received approaching 100 emails on the subject, with many different ideas and suggestions. Once we have received all the comments, we will review the suggestions and see if we can some suitable systems to be put to Barnsley FC.

Recently we have worked very closely with Barnsley FC, with Trust board members helping with ticket sales for Anfield as well as involved in organising the beam back for the Liverpool game with the football club. In addition, we have held further meetings with the football club, something we are trying to do on a monthly basis. Indeed the Trust was consulted on the ticketing arrangements for the forthcoming match against Chelsea in the FA Cup.

The next few weeks look like being very important for Barnsley FC, with big games coming up against both Sheffield United and Wednesday, Ipswich and of course Chelsea. We hope that the supporters of Barnsley will get down to Oakwell and give the club the backing that the team deserve after the recent magnificent performances against West Brom and Liverpool. We as supporters can be the 12th man at Oakwell and make the difference as the team pushes towards securing our position in the championship next season as well as the chance to progress in the FA cup towards a potential game at Wembley Stadium.

Membership of the Supporters Trust costs just £7.50 for adults, with £4.00 for conscessions. L:ife membership is available for just £100.00. To find out more on the activities of the Supporters Trust visit our website at or email [email protected] .
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27 Feb 2021   08:25:52 pm
Big Match Preview Reds v Owls
Saturday 1 st March sees Barnsley FC resume their battles against Sheffield Wednesday at Oakwell. Barnsley go into the game at Oakwell on the back of a 0-0 draw against QPR on Tuesday night, when the reds failed to find the back of the net despite numerous chances. The reds have only lost two games at home all season; however, the concern of many reds fans is that they might have their minds on the forthcoming fixture against Chelsea in the FA cup quarterfinal. The Owls go into the game, in the bottom three, having won only 3 away games, drawn 4 and lost 9 away from home. The Owls won the corresponding fixture last season and also won the fixture at Hillsborough earlier this season so must go into the fixture with some optimism. Whether the off field issues will affect the Owls remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain it should be a tightly fought South Yorkshire Derby. The view from Oakwell is this week provided by Owen Scrimshaw, whilst Michael Lewis of Rotherham provides the view from Hillsborough.

The Barnsley View

Owen Scrimshaw
Current home town:
How long have you supported Barnsley?
Over 30 years
Overview of your club:
Favourite thing about your home ground:
The closeness to the pitch and the atmosphere that can be created by the ponty.
Favourite match played by Barnsley & why:
It has to be Barnsley v Bradford City on the 26 th April 1997, when Barnsley beat Bradford 2-0 to secure promotion to the premiership for the first and only time (to date),
Favourite player of all time who played for Barnsley:
Has to be Ronnie Glavin, the midfield maestro who could turn a game with one move
About our forthcoming match against Sheffield Wednesday:
Your favourite current Barnsley player and why?

Anderson De Silva, he looks a class apart and is clearly a very skilful player, we miss him, when he is not available and it is noticeable.
Which Opposition Player do you most fear and why?
Nobody immediately jumps out at me, although Simek and Tudgay can cause problems if they are on top of their form
Where do you think Barnsley will finish this season?
What do you think the score will be?
2-1 to Barnsley

The View from Hillsborough
Name :

Michael Lewis
Current Home Town :
How Long Have You Supported Sheffield Wednesday
About 20 Years, give of take
Favourite Thing About Home Ground
Hillsborough rises to the big occasions. When we have games with large crowd numbers i.e. The steel city derby, the noise generated always amazes me.
Favourite Match Played by Sheffield Wednesday and Why
I would have to say the Play-off final in 2005, it had everything, the great occasion of the day out and the build up. Then there was jubilation to despair and then back to jubilation again all within 120 minutes of football.
Favourite Sheffield Wednesday Player of All Time and why
David Hirst, the man had a lethal left foot and you always knew that as long as he was on the pitch a goal could come at any time.
Favourite Current Sheffield Wednesday Player
Frankie Simek, when he joined us not a lot was expected of him as he didn't have much first team experience. However his performances at right back have been nothing short of brilliant and he has even managed to break into the US international squad. Opposition Player Fear Most
Brian Howard, I think when he is on form, he could probably grace any Premiership team.
What Do You think The Score Will Be Against Barnsley
I don't think there will be a runaway winner like this fixture last season (famous last words). However Brian Laws always manages to get his teams to rise for the derbies and I am going to go for a close 1 – 0 Wednesday.
Where Do You Think Sheffield Wednesday Will Finish This Season
We are in a dogfight at the moment, make no mistake about it, I would be more than happy to finish 21 st .
Other Comments
I knew that at the moment we are not doing well and Barnsley are concentrating on a big game against Chelsea. But I am hoping fans of both sides will turn up to this game, make it a large attendance and the special fixture that it usually is
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25 Feb 2021   08:15:20 am
Big Match Preview QPR 26th October
Barnsley take on QPR on Tuesday 26th at Oakwell. Barnsley's home form is in stark contrast to their away form and they must be hoping that this continues against a QPR side, 1 place higher in the league by virtue of a better goal difference. QPR's form has seen a massive improvement since the start of the season, and they have now wone 4 away games, drawing 5 and losing 7. They are one of the two richest teams in the country in terms of financial backing and spent heavily in the January Transfer window. The game promises to be a hard fought game by two teams evenly matched on the pitch, if not in the bank accounts.

Below is the views from Oakwell, supplied By Oliver Davies.

Oliver Davies
Current home Town:
Alcester, Warwickshire
How long have you supported Barnsley FC :
All my life
Favourite thing about Oakwell: T
hat it isn’t taken over by sponsors. There is a west, east and north stand along with the ‘ponty end’. Also, the stadium is still called Oakwell, rather than the ‘Bradford and Bingley’ stadium or the ‘Ricoh Arena’
Favourite Current Barnsley Player:
Anderson De Silva. Without his safe cover and skilful play our defence and attack are left unsure. Both the holding midfielder and a distributer, with skill, pace, decision making and attacking ability as well. Might not score goals, make saves or assist forwards; but is our best talent none the less.
Opposition player you most fear:
Patrick Adgeman. I don’t actually think that they have any truly class talents, definitely not Adgeman, but he is the form player and does show basic strikers instinct.
Where do you think Barnsley will finish the season:
I hope to finish in the mid table spots and think we will. Assure survival and long live the cup run.
What do you think the Score will be against QPR:
reds 2 – 0 rangers. Our home form is incredible and I fancy a turn around from our trip to their place. Good morale from the cup pushes Norwich out of minds and secures a much needed three points.
Any other comments
I don’t know what Anderson’s injury is, but hopefully it will be not too bad and will make it for Chelsea.
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20 Feb 2021   08:17:49 pm
Executive Coach to Norwich
There are some places left on the Supporters Trust Coach for this weekends game at Norwich.

I'm told this is the enhanced executive version with extra comfy seats, TV, tables and toilets. Perfect for the long trip. Cost is £22.

E-Mail [email protected] or phone on 07711386307

Need to be at Oakwell 8.30 for 9.00 departure.
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19 Feb 2021   09:48:17 pm
Chelsea Ticket Details Comments from the Trust
Ticket arrangements
The Trust were consulted and as it was considered that there would be plenty of tickets available then 2 tickets per season ticket would be okay. Again an extra catergory of the centenary society members has been introduced, who can purchase ONE ticket. There is plenty of time for season ticket holders to get their own seat, so there should be no necessity for people to queue ala Liverpool. Once tickets have been taken by season ticket holders and centenary holders there will still be tickets available for general sale.

Ticket Priority System
As previously mentioned, the Trust are still reviewing and consulting supporters regarding a fair and equitable ticket priority system that can be introduced in time for next season. To date we have received over 70 emails on the subject. These are currrently being catergorised and placed into groups for further discussion and consideration by all parties

Ticket Pricing
For FA Cup games, ticket pricing MUST be agreed between both clubs. If the clubs fail to agree, then the FA will decide the price of the tickets, which is usually set at a mid point way between the relevant ticket prices. Chelsea's ticket prices on matchdays are in excess of £36.00 a ticket. If following negotiations between the two clubs, they failed to agree, it was possible that the FA could have set prices higher than the £25 and £15 bands introduced.
The two clubs have negotiated and agreed the ticket pricing as is mentioned in the official ticket details release.

North Stand Allocation for Chelsea
As explained in the official statement on the clubs website, this was reviewed and for reasons of safety and segregation this was selected. Chelsea have also requested and expect to sell all 6,000 tickets allocated to them

Ticket sales details
These can be found on the official Barnsley FC Site at,,10309~1245038,00.html
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