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The Trust's Museum Committee has now been formed. They will have the responsibility of trying to establish a museum or Hall of Fame, either at Oakwell or at a venue in the town centre.

The previous museum committee was an independent body created by veteran sports journalist Benny Hill, who has been pushing the project since 1994.

"To be honest, we have not made much progress," said Benny this week "but I'm convinced that Oakwell fans and the public of Barnsley in general will give their full backing once the project gets off the ground."

Members of the new committee are: Andy Fyfe (chairman Museum Group), Joy Fyfe, Peter Jones, Janine Jones, Keith Lodge, Andrew Lodge, Arthur Bower, Ray Brammer, Graham Noble, Paul Kershaw - and Benny Hill.

Contact details for the Group: Andy Fyfe (Chairman Museum Group) or Peter Jones

Latest Museum Group News

26th September
Reds exhibition moves to Canon Hall

The mini exhibition which was on display at the Town Hall has now been moved to Cannon Hall Museum at Cawthorne, forming part of a larger display of Barnsley past, which has been mounted as part of the Experience Barnsley Project. (To remind you this is the tuned down project to create a museum in the Town Hall).

Cannon Hall is open Wed-Fri 10.30am-5pm; Sat & Sun 12pm-5pm (last admission 4.15pm) until the end of October.In Nov & Dec we are open Sunday only 12pm-4pm (last admission 3.15pm). The exhibition will be open until 24th Dec - the last Sunday we are open in Dec this year. Admission to the museum is free

14th June
Supporters Trust Urge Supporters to Back the Museum Project

The play-off final trophy is currently on display with a selection of other memorabilia in the Town Hall in Barnsley.  We hope that as many supporters as possible get the opportunity to view the display and register their support for the Council's bid for a lottery grant for a heritage museum in the Town Hall.  As a result of this bid, which the Supporters Trust are supporting, our own search for a suitable site has been put on the back burner.

 Andy Fyfe the chairman of the Supporters Trust Museum Committee said “Our efforts to form a museum have been put on the back burner, because we have put our support behind the Town Hall bid”.

 The main problem the Trust has encountered is that we have been unable to identify a suitable site for a museum.  Ideally the location would be at Oakwell, but there is nowhere feasible at the ground.  Various suggestions have been made, but they would involve a substantial cash outlay, and we would then need to investigate fundraising options. 

 Andy says that “the problem is we have plenty of items to display, but no visible way of displaying them”.  “For example, a museum room, must be secure, safe and accessible so we can get insurance on the items.  The room also needs to be in a prominent position so that it gets noticed and there is no where at Oakwell where there is space for that”. 

 The Supporters Trust have met with officials from both Bradford City and Sheffield United, both of whom have a museum located at their respective grounds.  Andy admits that it would be good if we could have something similar at Oakwell.  Sheffield United have some of Barnsley's items on display and these should be shown at our own museum.  We are also confident that we could loan items from former players and their families to help the museum take off. 

 The memorabilia the Trust hold include a framed photograph of the founding team of 1890-91, items from the 1912 Cup final and may more.  Much of this has been collected and catalogued by the clubs historian and Trust member Arthur Bowers.  Arthur says “it would be encouraging to see the Barnsley supporters flocking to see the displays and show their support for the museum project”.  “It would certainly help and could act as a stepping stone towards getting a museum”.

 Anyone with any items of interest can contact Arthur on 01226 289962

5th May
Members of the Trust visit Bradford City Football Museum
4 members of the Trust, George Myers, Ray Brammer, Paul Kershaw, and Peter Jones, together with 2 guests, Anne Kershaw and Graham Noble, in his capacity as a Museum Group Member and as Asst. Director of Culture, Sport and Tourism for Barnsley MBC, visited the Bradford City football museum on Wed 3 May 2006.  

We were met by all the 3 members of their Museum Committee (it is independent of their Supporters Club or Trust). Mike Callaghan, who works in the Museum Service for the City of Bradford, Dave Pendleton and John Ashton, gave us a very warm welcome and were able to answer our many questions.

The Museum evolved from a highly successful ‘100 Years of Claret & Amber' exhibition, held to celebrate Bradford City's Centenary at the Bradford Industrial Museum. Over 10,000 fans visited the exhibition, which ran from September to November 2003. In a way this was similar to the successful exhibition we ran at the Cooper Gallery in 1988.

About the same time, the stadium was undergoing re-development and the then Chairman, Geoffery Richmond, decided to include a Club Shop and Restaurant, with an ambition that it would be the biggest Club Shop in Europe. At the rear of the Shop, extensive space was available and this was used, housing the cases and exhibits of the 2003 exhibition, to create a dedicated Club museum. The Museum, and Shop, occupy a very large area and this adds to effectiveness of the display. A website has been developed at   which is well worth a visit for it has a virtual tour where one can get a good feel for the size and content of the display.

The Museum is open from 9am to 5pm, 6 days a week, and opens later on evening match days. There is no attendant present, and security and maintenance is carried out by the Club Shop staff, thus reducing costs. Insurance for the items is borne by the Club as part of it's general insurance policies and arrangements.

Special events are held from time to time out of normal hours, such as past player evenings, or talks etc on the historical aspects of Bradford Football, and on these occasions, at least one of the Committee of 3 will be present.

They have established strong links with the Local Education Authority, who use the Museum for teaching purposes, and there is also a link to the special Learning Centre situated at the Club (similar to the one at Barnsley in the Corner Stand).

They liaise with other Clubs for materials and currently there is an exhibition relating to Cup Finals held at Crystal Palace at the end of the 1800's and early 1900's. It was very interesting to see material relating to the 1910 Final and the 1912 Final, with some Barnsley material which none of us had seen before. A lot of Barnsley material for 1912 had been loaned by a private collector in Cardiff!

If anyone is in the Bradford area during the day, try and call in and see the Museum, it is well worth the diversion.

1st May
Mini Exhibition at the Town Hall
Despite the failure of Barnsley's Living Landmark bid, the Barnsley FC Supporters Trust are still investigating plans to have a permanent Club museum in the Borough.

With this in mind a small exhibition of Barnsley FC memorabilia will be shown at the Town Hall from this weekend. The exhibition runs until late June 2006 and is open to the public.  Click on the pictures below to see the small exhibition with ArthurBowers (Club historian) stood alongside.









Barnsley FC Museum and Archive / BARNSLEY LIVING LANDMARK BID
It has long been the desire of many Barnsley supporters to see the history and importance of Barnsley FC to the town recognised through a museum. 

The Barnsley FC Supporters Trust has identified the establishment of a museum as one of its objectives for the future. The Barnsley FC Board of Directors is also supportive and h as agreed to the Trust taking a leading role in this project .  Many of us will recall the work that Benny Hill has put in over the last 12 years in trying to establish such a facility at the Club, and the Trust have now absorbed Benny's former Museum Committee into their organisation.  The difficulty in making progress in the past has been largely due to lack of finance rather than lack of effort.

An opportunity has now arisen, through the Barnsley Living Landmark project, for the development of a museum and archive, where the Club's extensive memorabilia can be displayed and a publicly accessible research archive created consisting of player records, matches played at Oakwell, results and attendances as well as documents relating to the Club's history.

The Living Landmark Project is being promoted by Barnsley MBC, centred on the Town Hall and it's immediate environment, and a bid for £13 million has cleared the first hurdle by being acknowledged by the Big Lottery as eligible for a grant. The occupancy of the Town Hall will change once the new offices on Westgate are complete, allowing parts of the building to be used as a community focused heritage centre. 

The Trust are part of a Steering Group that has been formed, from many local interest and heritage groups, to represent the Club on this Group.

Over the next few weeks you will hear more of the Barnsley Living Landmark bid.  To be successful it needs full support from the people of Barnsley and Reds fans particularly. Please pledge your support by visiting the Supporters Trust Office to sign the petition in support of a Barnsley Living Landmark and the chance of a museum and archive for the Reds. 

At the Swansea game, and possibly some future games, members of the Trust will be outside the offices and shop area, under the Enterprise Stand, to collect support signatures. Please try and make the effort to go along and sign the petition to support Barnsley's Living Landmark Bid .   For more information contact Peter Jones


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