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Press and Media Night a Big Success
By Owen Scrimshaw . Updated : January 11, 2012, 21:14. 309 Views . Fans Forum Meetings
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The Press and Media night held on Tuesday 10th Janaury proved to be a big success.  A large audience turned out to hear our panel of experts pass opinion on football and the press.

We would like to thank our panel, Mark Stiokes, Matt Bailey, Matt Goodwin, Keith Turner, David Preece, Matthew Murray,  Doug O'Kane and Alan Biggs for giving up there time to answer questions on a range of topics.  

More information on the meeting will be available shortly.

For our next meeting, we will have a true legend of Barnsley FC.  This will be a meeting not to be missed.  We will confirm more details shortly.

Our April Meeting will be a meeting to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Barnsley FC lifting the cup.  More details on this meeting will be released soon.