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Can you help with fixture Posters
By Owen Scrimshaw . Updated : February 20, 2012, 21:11. 598 Views . Trust Announcements
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The Supporters Trust has teamed up with PhP Ltd of Barnsley and Bartnsley FC to produce and distribute posters to advertise our forthcoming fixtures at Oakwell.  The posters are high quality and so far we have put the posters out at a number of locations across Barnsley and the surrounding area.  All companies and venues that agree to show the posters will be advertised on our website here.

The posters for the forthcoming fixtures against Nottingham Forest and Reading can now be collected from Barnsley FC office or contact [email protected] 

Even if you can just put one poster up it will be a great help!!!

Let's help get the crowds back to Oakwell for the Hillcroft Revolution.