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Trust Formation




Barnsley FC Supporters Trust was formed from the merger of the Barnsley FC Supporters Society and the Official Barnsley FC Supporters Club during 2005. The Supporters Trust is the largest Supporter's organisation which supports Barnsley FC. We hold regular meetings with Barnsley FC to raise issues that affect all Barnsley Supporters. We are also members of the Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct.

Membership of the Supporters Trust starts from just £4.00 per year for Over 60's and disabled supporters and £7.50 per year for adult members. Life membership is available for just £100.00. For Juniors, the Supporters Trust run the Oakwell Juniors, which is open to all members upto the age of 16. Membership of the Oakwell Juniors is just £4.00 per year


Trust Board

Board Officials:
Chairperson:   Alan Bloore Contact Alan
Vice Chairperson:   Owen Scrimshaw Contact Owen
Secretary:   Adrian Willis Contact Adrian
Treasurer:   Vacant  
Board Members:  
    Dave Crossley  
    Joan Dawson  
    Andy Fyfe  
    Chris Hunton  
    Paul Gallagher  
  Ray Brammer  
  Eric Bray  
  Stephen Croft  
  Laurie Handley  

Below is a list of the additional responsibilities of the Trust Board Members.

Subject Area Contact person
General enquiries: Alan Bloore

Owen Scrimshaw

Membership Enquiries: Jackie Scrimshaw
Press Enquiries: Alan Bloore

Owen Scrimshaw

  Steve Croftt

Fundraising enquiries:

Owen Scrimshaw

Disabled Supporters issues:

Joan Dawson

Oakwell Juniors: Alan Bloore
  Owen Scrimshaw

Stephen Croft

Museum Group: Andy Fyfe
  Peter Jones
TrustSport George Myers
  Adrian Willis
  Andy Fyfe

Website and newsletters::

Owen Scrimshaw

What is a Supporters Trust

How Does a Trust Work?
Everything that a Trust does is guided and controlled by its Constitution. This Constitution is directly based on the Model Rules for the Football Community Mutual, drawn up by Cobbettes Solicitors (Manchester) and sponsored by the co-operative Union for Supporters Direct.

What is Supporters Direct?
Supporters Direct is now based at 15 Bowling Green Lane, London, and also in Scotland. It was established in 2000 by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport to promote the establishment and development of Supporters Trusts as a means of giving football supporters a greater say in how their club is run. 

What is the Role of Supporters Direct?
Its aim is to offer support, advice and information to groups of supporters who wish to play a responsible part in the life of the club they support.  Supporters Direct has so far helped set up and support 130 supporters' trusts in England, Wales and Scotland.


What is the National Picture?
Currently there are 130 established Supporters Trusts representing supporters right through the football pyramid from clubs such as Manchester United, right down to small clubs such as Bromsgrove Rovers.

What do Trusts' do?
For those of you who haven't heard much about the supporters' trust movement here are some facts from Supporters Direct, their umbrella group.

13 clubs – from League One Chesterfield to newly reformed Clydebank in Scottish Junior Football – are owned and controlled by their supporters' trusts.

62 trusts – from Manchester United to Notts County – have a significant shareholding in their football clubs.

39 Trusts – from Aberdeen, to the first – Northampton Town – have supporter representatives on the boards of their football clubs. This applies to near neighbours at Chester City.

Supporters' trusts have bought over £11m of investment into the game since Supporters Direct was founded in 2000

Over 115,000 people from across England, Wales and Scotland are members of supporters' trusts.

Fan ownership works: among many others, three of the most successful clubs in European football since the 1960s, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, are all owned and controlled by their fans.

Lincoln City; are part-owned by their trust and have announced profits of £750,000! for 2004


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