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The Supporters Trust hold regular Fans Forum monthly social meetings.

We usually have invited guests at our meetings. These invited guests are usually from Barnsley Football Club (Directors, Management & Playing Staff) referees, press and local celebrities.

During the meeting we will also hold discussions on matters that affect Barnsley Supporters both at local level or on a national level as well as giving the membership an update on the current Trust activities and forthcoming plans for the Trust.

All members are invited to these meetings. Non members can attend the meeting on signing a membership form on the night and paying the appropriate membership fee.

if you require more details email Owen Scrimshaw

The meetings are usually held at the executive Suite at Oakwell and start at 7.00pm. The Meetings are open to all members of the supporters trust. Non members can join on the night

Next Meeting

The Details of forthcoming meetings can be found in the upcoming events page of this website.


Details of meetings are also advertised in the Barnsley Chronicle, Oakwell AM, Barnsley Football Weekley and on posters located around the ground.

Previous Meetings

Below is a list of the guest speakers at our monthly meetings.  We would like to thank all the guests for their time and commitment to the Trust. More details of the meetings, including the minutes of each meeting can be found in the members area of this website.

Meeting date Guest Speakers
  2007-2008 Season
7th August 2007

Simon Davey, Manager Barnsley FC, Ryan Kidd, Asst Manager Barnsley FC
Ron Bradley, Supporters Direct

4th September Brian Howard,
9th October Gordon Shepherd and Patrick Cryne
11th November Denis Souza and Dominique Werling
8th December Christmas Party at Riley's with Barnsley FC squad
January Bobby Hassell and Heinz Muller
5th February Don Rowing (General Manager, barnsley FC) and Rachel Hearne (Marketing Manager, Barnsley FC)
5th March Kayode Odejayi
2nd April Trelford Mills (Former professional Referee)
  2006-2007 Season
10th August 2006 Andy Ritchie and Rick Holden
25th September 2006 Gordon Shepherd and Patrick Cryne
24th October 2006 Paul Reid and Marc Richards
5th December 2006 Keith Edwards, Derrick Parker, Hayley Roach, Nathan Hemmingham
9th January 2007 Simon Davey and Ryan Kidd
6th February 2007 Matt Messias (Professional Referee and advisor to Barnsley FC)
6th March 2007 AGM of Trust, No Guest Speaker
10th April 2007 Istvan Ferenczi and Peter Rajczi
1st May 2007 Nathan Jarman
  2005-2006 season
16th August 2005 Andy Ritchie (manager Barnsley FC), Ryan Laight and Thomas Harben (Barnsley FC players)
6th September 2005 No guest speaker
11th October 2005 John Hendrie (Oakwell legend)
01st November 2005 Chris Shuker and Dale Tonge (Barnsley FC players)
07th December 2005 Benny Hill's Press night starring Dave Cooper (Radio Sheffield), Andrew Lodge (Barnsley Chronicle), Steve Pearson (Oakwell A.M), Les Payne (Sheffield Star and Green ‘Un) Derek Parker (former player and now a radio summariser)
11th January 2005 Rick Holden (Assistant manager and physio Barnsley FC)
7th February 2006 Police Football Liaison Officer
4th April 2006 Nick Colgan and Scott Flinders (Barnsley FC players)
9th May 2006 No guest speaker, a quiz was held


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