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The quiz will run for one calendar month.  If successful we will produce a different quiz each month 

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At the end of each month the winning entry will be drawn at random from all the correct entries. 

Entry is open to anyone.

The prize will be 50% of the total entry each month.  The remaining 50% will go towards the Supporters Trust fundraising initiative for the academy.  If you wish to make a donation to the Trust to go towards the academy fundraising project click here


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Question 1:
Who scored Barnsley's last goal in 2005?

Question 2:
Which barnsley player signed from Watford during 2005?

Question 3:
At which club did Marc Richards start his career?

Question 4:
Who scored the winning goal in the 1912 FA Cup Final replay?

Question 5:
Who scored the first Barnsley goal in the 1996/1997 League 1 campaign?

Question 6:
Who scored the last Barnsley goal in the 1996/1997 League 1 campaign?

Question 7:
Which Barnsley player had a penalty saved in the Play-off final in 2000?

Question 8:
Barnsley signed Michael Chopra on loan from which club?

Question 9:
What nationality is Jacob Burns?

Question 10:
Where did Barnsley sign Bobby Hassell from?

Question 11:
Who scored the first ever Premier League goal and for which club?

Question 12:
Who lasted 33 days as Manchester City manager in 1996?

Question 13:
Who dismissed their manager twice during the 2002/03 premiership season?

Question 14:
Which Englishman was the first winner of the European footballer of the year in 1956?

Question 15:
Which football team play at Anfield?

Question 16:
Which team blew a 12 point lead in the 1995/96 premiership title race?

Question 17:
Which team was relegated in 1997 despite being good enough to get to two cup finals?

Question 18:
Which former England striker scored his 100th premier league goal in the 2002/03 season?

Question 19:
Which non premiership team played Manchester United in the 2004 FA Cup final?

Question 20:
About whom did Ron Atkinson say "there's no one fitter at his age , except maybe Raquel Welch?

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